"Passionate about working to meet business goals"

I’m Marife, an experienced corporate material planner, specializing inventory management and control in a manufacturing firm. I am also a mom blogger who is fond of writing activities being a working mom and loves to create graphics stuff within my blog thinkermom.com

I’m a tech-savvy individual, trained Social Media Manager and Marketing at Filipino Virtual Assistance business consultancy, seeking to make business owners lives easier by helping them grow their online presence using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. I also offer general virtual assistant and website design and optimization services.

I understand that businesses today require a lot of time and effort to grow and be successful. You need to catch up with the latest trends and technology plus looking up your entire business as a whole thus you’ll need virtual support.

With this let me help you on other tasks such as social media management, website design and optimization and other virtual services so you’ll be focusing more on growing your business. I’ll help you find virtual solutions for whatever business goals you have in mind.

Together we’ll take your business to the next level and build your online presence into supremacy.